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“BaseData and FastStats™ together… what more could you ask for?”

Bernard Rooney, TM Lewin

“The nature of our business demands that our data is suppressed with the latest suppression files before any mailing campaign takes place and Basedata ensure that our data is thoroughly checked prior to each event.”

Sue Moss, Mothercare

Our “Sample Size Matters” statistical significance calculator helps you to answer some common questions.

What sample size should I use?

How reliable is my test mailing response?

Is my Test response significantly different to my Control response?

We’ve included a user-friendly guide, too!but if you need any help with sampling and how size matters, call us to arrange a trial using your own data.

"In mail order you are your database.  Basedata keep that database in perfect condition and you can’t ask for more.

I can’t recommend them highly enough”

James Johnson-Ferguson
Eric Hill, Looking Good and Angela Gore

“Over the last ten years we have relied on Basedata’s experience in order to develop our business and we are incredibly grateful for their consistent help and support”

Miranda Christie, OKA Direct

“Professional, approachable, pro-active throughout”

Sue Moss, Mothercare

“Confidence inspiring and timely – a rare combination”

Andrew Godfrey, Patra Selections

“Professional, reliable and always willing to do their utmost”

Emma Brannan, JoJo Maman Bébé

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“Extremely professional and really care and understand our data needs”

Paula Boulanger, UNICEF

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And if you’d like to come and see us, we can offer you a copy of …

The Book of Basedata

“The Book of Basedata”

… explaining in more detail how we go about looking after your data.
More mailable and relevant names, less waste, improved suppression efficiency, improved performance, fewer complaints 
The analysis you want without the bits you don’t
As the delivery element of all our work, the accurate and timely preparation of your mailing data (or e-mail data) is crucial.
More than just a DP bureau



We’ve pulled together our own version of the handy ready-reckoner that many of you will be familiar with – and it comes with a user guide for those new to crunching those all-important dm numbers!

Sample Size Matters – it really does!


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You might expect a response rate of 1.8 percent to your test mailing but be able to accept a rate say 0.3 percentage points either side of this,
ie. between 1.5% and 2.1%
on your rollout – maybe because of cost savings that can be achieved on rollout volumes for example…

.. of course, we are normally only interested in how much below our expectation of response our rollout result is likely to be.


If you achieved a test response of 1.80% on a mailing of 8,400 records, your “limit of error” is 0.28% - believe me, it is - and you can therefore expect a rollout response of between 1.52% and 2.08%.  This is the case no matter how big your rollout – if you can accept at least the lower predicted level of response (95 times out of a hundred and all other things being equal) you can continue to as large a rollout as you have available!  It is as well to read that caveat in brackets again!


A Control sample of 5.000 records and a Test sample of 10,000 records achieved responses of 2.50% and 2.30% respectively.  This produces a “limit of error” (of 0.52% either side of the difference between the Control and Test sample response rates) and a range of response that is not significantly different to the Control:   2.18% — 3.22%.  
This means that the Test sample response is only  significantly different to the Control sample if the response rate falls outside this range.  In this example, therefore, the Test sample response of 2.30% is not significantly different to the Control.

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Here is a selection of this season’s client images.


There are lots more to show along with our client testimonials when you come to see us.”

To receive your free copy of our View Finder insight papers, call us or email info@basedata.co.uk