Data Analysis

Client specific and business sector generic segmentation and analysis tools to cater for every need.

Our analyses will not overwhelm you with superfluous or meaningless statements of the obvious, nor make issues out of inconsequential occurrences.

They will serve to make you aware of the possibilities afforded by your data:

the testing opportunities that exist

the customer segments that remain to be exploited

the good and the bad of what has gone before

Naomi has brought together an overview of the more basic customer activity, spend and longevity analyses that we produce regularly for our clients – you’ll find it in Our View Finder.

Base Data
Direct Marketing & Data Specialists

Our “Sample Size Matters” statistical significance calculator helps you to answer some common questions.

What sample size should I use?

How reliable is my test mailing response?

Is my Test response significantly different to my Control response?

We’ve included a user-friendly guide, too!but if you need any help with sampling and how size matters, call us to arrange a trial using your own data.