Rogue Records

Names that nearly got away

BaseData has a mind-boggling suite of data cleaning programs – evidenced by these “names that nearly got away”.

These are the records that we’ve found in our clients’ or third party files – records that have slipped through others’ cleaning routines.

And you’ll see that they fall into three main categories:

    data that has been captured as (mis-)heard

    joke data

    information that shouldn’t be part of the data record at all

And there are some favourites that are a combination of geographic ignorance and ‘typing as heard’, such as

    “Sparrow in Furnace”

    “New Mauled On Surrey”


We add new Rogue Records we find every month – add us to your “Favourites” and check out the new arrivals!


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Rogue Records


160 Whopping High Street
Ace Rapid Reaction Corpse
Bargain Hunter
Dame Osama Bin-Large-Wart
Del TheGreatest Ever
Douglas Service-Station
Dr PRE Tend
Ewajalalabhad Phillips I Love Pony
Herr Wilhelm Wonka
Lady Osama Bozzilla
Lord Lee Uses Tactics
Lord Montgomery Wellhung Rumpty Maidslapper
Miss Bigboobies Mossman
Miss Lauren Sexy Samantha Baker
Miss Little Pork Chop Walsh
Miss Scotland Nah Too Ugly
Miss Tomato Marzipan
Mr A Parker-Bowels
Mr Bigger Muttonchops
Mr Bob Monkeyhouse
Mr Cool Dude
Mr Cross Asinangry
Mr Hello Neighbour
Mr Natcho Chips
Mr Noodle Noodle
Mr Toby Carvery
Mrs Prim Super Housewife
Mrs Wobbly Wilson
Nina The Village Gossip
Postcode FIX EPOS
Reverend Jackabean Fritzel
Sir Albemarle The Great Prendergatsen Gerfunkenstopphen
Smack my ass and call me Jane
Sparrow in Furnace
The Old Wreck Tree
Trudy Always-Right Purkiss
Vicars Defence Systems
Vydontcha Buggerov